Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why All Professions Should Have or Subscribe to Substitute Employment Systems

A major issue in every industry, including those that do not resort to use of staffing agencies or hiring on-call personnel, is that of employee call-offs. So often companies are forced to operate with short staff when employees call off at the last minute or give too short notice for those companies to acquire replacements...

There is a solution, and one that could resolve unemployment issues for many. That solution is proliferation of substitute agencies for all industries or professions, and all shifts.

Larger industries, i.e. those that may have multiple locations or competitors within any given city or metropolitan area, could have succinct substitute systems, similar to Smartfind Express for teachers and paraprofessionals, while smaller companies could subscribe to umbrella substitute agencies, which would be distinct from traditional staffing agencies that do not typically operate around the clock.

Umbrella Substitute Agencies

Umbrella substitute agencies or systems, or those that would provide substitutes for multiple industries or professions, would operate around the clock to secure qualified replacements via electronic and/or telephonic scheduling.

Applicants would apply to the umbrella substitute agency, indicating all professions of interest or those that they’d qualify for, and/or the agency would suggest professions based upon determined qualifications.
The umbrella substitute agency would screen and select applicants based upon relevant qualifications. They’d also open online accounts for those selected applicants via which they’d be capable of accepting assignments from any companies with call-offs that are within their industries of qualification. Each selected applicant would be provided with login information to their accounts for said purposes.

Smartphone Assignment Scheduling and Mapping Services

Smartphones would become the ultimate employment link. Nearly everyone has them, and everyone employed within the proposed system would be capable of utilizing them to accept and retrieve directions (driving or public transportation) to assignments.

Full-Time Substitute Positions

Typically substitute positions are part-time or as needed. Substitute positions can be full-time, however, and should be an available option in every capacity. A full-time substitute would be required to work each and every day that an assignment is available up to 40 hours per week, and would be privileged to the same benefits as any other full-time employee.

In Summation

Substitute employment systems for all industries or professions and shifts would provide relief to many companies that traditionally suffer staff shortages without recourse, while alleviating unemployment or underemployed rolls...

Actually an initiative of the sort could employ every unemployed individual who is capable of working, and render all employers the satisfaction and option of trying employees before permanently hiring them and vice versa.

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