Friday, July 7, 2017

The Department of Labor Should Be Represented at All Public Libraries

The Department of Labor should be represented at all public libraries, or all public libraries should have a set of computers that are designated exclusively for employment searches, applications, and other synonymous purposes.

This would curtail the need for job seekers to log out of their computer sessions after the conventional hour time limit, or specifically during completion of employment applications, to allow other users who have reserved the computers to utilize them...

It would further resolve the need for patrons to commute out of the way to local Departments of Labor for uninterrupted time on public computers to perfect resumes/curricula vitae, cover letters, Linkedin and similar professional profiles, and/or to complete employment applications.

Staffed library employees should be trained to address any and all issues that any DOL employee is and/or should be trained to address, on and off the computers, from unemployment and job application processes to employment/career counseling, assistance with resumes, et cetera.

DOL computers in public libraries would ideally be situated in designated rooms or areas in each local library. These particular areas would bear the state Department of Labor logo and relevant correspondence—brochures and instructional manuals—that would guide patrons through the varied DOL processes... 

What should be on the Department of Labor’s Computer Desktops

It appears that most visitors to the Department of Labor are applying for unemployment, an epidemic that has occurred for the last several years now, though the Department of Labor should be an agency that majors in helping clients acquire employment and/or train for better jobs.

Computer desktops at the agency should reflect this to the greatest possible extent by exhibiting shortcuts to not only DOL job sites; they should exhibit those leading to all of the major job sites, from and Career Builder to FlexJobs, et cetera, et cetera.

Typing and Other Tutorials/Online Learning

All Department of Labor branches (and public libraries) should additionally allow patrons to learn and practice typing to increase speed and accuracy utilizing online typing tutorial sites and/or software like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing* that allow for personal account creation and printing of speed and accuracy certificates, which could be uploaded to job applications...

*Some though not all branches of the Department of Labor (and certain public libraries) have typing software on client computers.

All DOL branches should too allow for online job training via sites like Alison,, and LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Remote  Employment Labs 

All DOL sites should additionally allow patrons to work for pay online in remote employment labs and on specific computers designated for this purpose. The desktops of these specific computers should have shortcuts to varied sites via which patrons could legitimately work online for pay.

DOL could charge clients for this privilege or forthwith access to all equipment like computers, printers, headsets, business phones to which they could forward calls, etc., and the professional atmosphere, of course…

DOL desktop shortcuts could further include public transportation route scheduling pages to help patrons get to their new jobs, if necessary, popular professional networking sites like Linkedin, etc., and others websites like the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, the Department of Human Services, and others of relevance to employment and human resources...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Automated Income Tax Filing

To facilitate income tax processes, tax payers should have the option to have their income taxes automatically processed each year after initially registering for the service and providing all relevant information, i.e. demographic information, filing status, etc., on the Internal Revenue Service’s website, noting that the Internal Revenue Service should enable/allow income tax filing on its website...

Automated income tax filings would be processed after employers electronically send employees’ W2s to the Internal Revenue Service and/or their selected income tax preparation company. The IRS website and/or those of selected income tax preparation companies would process filings by automatically abstracting information from W2s and populating the applications with all requested information...

Employers could simultaneously mail W2s to employees in either electronic and/or paper form, or, in lieu of W2 forms, companies could mail employees a Statement of Filing, which would include a yearly earnings summary and/or all information provided in the W2, acknowledging that the employer or previous employer has electronically submitted exhibited information to the Internal Revenue Service...

Once automated income tax filings have been processed, a confirmation would be emailed to the tax payer for review and approval. Once approved, payments, if any, would be deposited into clients’ bank accounts and/or identified (presently held or requested) prepaid debit cards. 

Clients could elect to approve or edit their income tax filings, or they could elect an automated approval process that would either instantly approve a filing and/or refund once processed or that would automatically approve* a refund after a specified period of time without a response...

*It is ideal to start automated approval and deposits of refunds after a year in the prescribed program, or after processing of the first accurate and successful automated income tax filing/return or refund, and if there are no changes in essential information...

If any amounts are owed, clients would be capable of making payment arrangements via the IRS website and/or having specified installments deducted from their refunds and/or pay checks. If indebted* clients do not initiate payment arrangements, they would be subject to minimal default arrangements, i.e. $10.00 to $20.00 per paycheck or other income source...

*The term indebted here references tax debt; it could, however, include any and all other default debts that clients owe.

Clients who demonstrate financial hardship* would be capable of decreasing a minimal default arrangement, or the Internal Revenue Service could automatically make the adjustment based on any fluctuations in clients' earnings throughout the year, and when said fluctuations occur.

*If  it is determined that clients are not experiencing financial hardship a request to reduce a default minimal arrangement would be denied and/or clients might be required to pay more than the minimal default arrangement. Clients would, likewise, be capable of increasing a minimal default arrangement.   

Tax payers would be capable of editing or correcting errors after verifying their identity. The Internal Revenue Service and other tax preparation companies could create mobile and other apps for this purpose that enable review, approval, and/or editing via smartphones, tablets, etc. 

New hires could be enrolled into the automated income tax filing system during orientation processes and/or the Internal Revenue Service could enroll prospective applicants at local offices, optionally via provision of computer labs with published tutorials and human assistance.

Automated income tax filings should supersede traditional/manual income tax filing processes, and the Internal Revenue Service should mail notices to all tax payers regarding this change and regarding their need to officially register for the process.

Automated income tax filings would not only facilitate income tax filing processes, it would improve client safety and curtail identity theft and tax fraud. Tax evasion would be essentially impractical, and those who are in trouble with Uncle Sam would be reconciled...

The reporting of all other defaulted debts to the IRS, i.e. credit card debts, etc., owed by clients for the purpose of collection via automatic and affordable installments during income tax filing periods would help to get and keep clients out of all forms of debt, improve credit ratings, and avail financial privileges like lower or the very best interest rates on loans that would in many instances not have been obtainable at all...

Non-custodial parents who pay their child support should receive tax incentives; specifically, they should be eligible to receive or share earned income credit with custodial parents, and in proportion to the percentage of care that they have provided for their child(ren). 

There would be no need for concern about W2s being mailed to wrong addresses; if a company does not have a current address on an employee or previous employee, electronically submitting their W2 to the IRS would at least get them to the ultimate source that would likely have updated information for each individual.

Additionally, all persons would know that their W2s would be automatically sent to the Internal Revenue Service, and that they would only need to log in to their online IRS account to see them. Automated income tax filing would be a great way to make certain that everyone is paying taxes and/or receiving refunds who should be. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tech Advancements Improve/Create Jobs

I’m a major advocate for technological advancement. Where technology can feasibly, intelligibly, and safely facilitate a process and eliminate a job it should. Isn’t it wonderful that commercial cotton pickers alleviated slaves of the exploitative task?! The issue has never been and won’t ever be a shortage of jobs.

It is more so the isms—racism, sexism, ageism, et cetera et cetera—that have always made employment or certain types of existent jobs less available to certain groups of people. This simply shouldn't be in the 21st century.  

Making education/training for skilled jobs more readily available to all persons* would ease fears of technological and other advancements that really improve work quality by making jobs less strenuous and/or tedious while increasing productivity.

*All persons include financially challenged individuals who earn or have too much income to qualify for Pell Grants and/or who can only acquire higher education or a portion of it via high interest student loans that it could take years to repay...          

Industries are moreover compelled to create or support creation of jobs, even while eliminating jobs due to technological improvements because the extent of their success is predicated upon the success of job markets.

Friday, July 22, 2016 and All Online Job Boards Should Have Messaging Centers and all online job boards should have messaging centers via which account holders can readily view responses from their Indeed and/or other employment applications and via which messages from other employment recruiters can be readily seen. All online job boards should have a feature of the sort.

Another flaw in the Indeed website is the fact that its “My Jobs” feature does not record specific dates of employment applications submitted via Indeed; it rather tells simply the number of days ago that applications were submitted, which poses challenges for those wanting to attach specific dates to those applications when following up on them.

It is feasible to search for Indeed and other application confirmations via email accounts that are connected to Indeed and/or any other job boards by typing “” and/or the name of the relevant job board or specific company in the email search box and clicking “Search Mail.” This pulls up a listing of all emailed confirmations of applications that have been submitted via Indeed and/or any other job boards.

It is a really good idea, considering the current limitations on specifically the Indeed website, to manually document the specific date of each application utilizing “add note” and/or “edit note” in the “My Jobs” feature and clicking “Save.”

You’ll likely find during the process of perusing this listing that perhaps several applications that you’ve submitted have been amicably responded to several months or years ago and you simply didn’t realize it because they were missed or lost in multitudes of emails from varied sources in your general email account...

Incorporating messaging centers into and all online job boards would curtail need to search through general email accounts like Yahoo, etc. for information regarding employment applications and/or responses to them...

The Indeed and other job board messaging centers would contain only correspondence pertaining to employment applications submitted via each relevant job board, which would make those particular messages much more likely to be seen and prevent job seekers from missing out on great opportunities.

Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Create a Complete One-Page Resume Regardless of How Many Jobs You’ve Had

While visiting a DOL career center the other day, I received what is actually the very best advice ever about writing a resume, one that clarifies an issue that likely most people have with writing their resume; that issue is listing relevant employment history or jobs that pertain to their present employment interests, and exemplifying current/recent and perhaps irrelevant employment, and/or addressing employment gaps where some jobs are excluded for the sake of making their resume as brief as possible. The solution is to give a summary of relevant experience followed by a simple listing of current and/or previous employers with employment titles, dates, and location, no summary of job duties for each individual company. Click here to see examples in an informational packet that I recently obtained from the DOL career center I visited.

The following are examples of resumes that I created for myself utilizing this format: Click here to view my Office Professional/Business Writer resume, Click here to view my Writer resume, Click here to view my Hospitality-Event Services resume, and Click here to view my Receptionist resume.

Listing merely the job titles without a summary of job duties in the employment history section in this resume format actually and quite sufficiently summarizes most job duties.

Schools and government employers per se typically prefer fully detailed complete employment history, regardless of page length; most other employers prefer a single-page resume that emphasizes relevant work experience and accomplishments and how an applicant’s resourcefulness would specifically benefit their companies...

Needed Improvements to

If you reside in the state of Tennessee and you've utilized the Jobs4TN website, you are aware of some issues with the site that could possibly affect your employment prospects.One of the issues is the inability to give precise job titles for some jobs that you've worked.

For example, if you've worked for a staffing agency and performed a variety of different jobs, you cannot indicate that you were a temp. You must rather select a title that is closest to either of the jobs that you've performed with the agency from a list of given titles.

...Another issue is that after you've uploaded and perfected your initial resume you must delete newly populated and typically fragmented job descriptions for the same companies that are abstracted from newly uploaded resumes, or they'll all be saved and automatically selected for publication to prospective employers, who might possibly think you're an idiot when you cannot delete these duplicate entries if either or all of them is ever tied to an unemployment claim. If this happens, simply uncheck the publication boxes...

You can additionally contact the Department of Labor via the Jobs4TN site to request that duplicate entries tied to an unemployment claim be deleted, considering that they can and should maintain all elements of unemployment claims in different files or at a different locality on the Jobs4TN site.

Another issue is the fact that resumes expire so frequently, when really they should never expire. Account holders should receive emails periodically, however, asking if there has been a change in their employment status and/or if they should update their resumes and/or other account information...