Friday, July 7, 2017

The Department of Labor Should Be Represented at All Public Libraries

The Department of Labor should be represented at all public libraries, or all public libraries should have a set of computers that are designated exclusively for employment searches, applications, and other synonymous purposes.

This would curtail the need for job seekers to log out of their computer sessions after the conventional hour time limit, or specifically during completion of employment applications, to allow other users who have reserved the computers to utilize them...

It would further resolve the need for patrons to commute out of the way to local Departments of Labor for uninterrupted time on public computers to perfect resumes/curricula vitae, cover letters, Linkedin and similar professional profiles, and/or to complete employment applications.

Staffed library employees should be trained to address any and all issues that any DOL employee is and/or should be trained to address, on and off the computers, from unemployment and job application processes to employment/career counseling, assistance with resumes, et cetera.

DOL computers in public libraries would ideally be situated in designated rooms or areas in each local library. These particular areas would bear the state Department of Labor logo and relevant correspondence—brochures and instructional manuals—that would guide patrons through the varied DOL processes... 

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