Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Create a Complete One-Page Resume Regardless of How Many Jobs You’ve Had

While visiting a DOL career center the other day, I received what is actually the very best advice ever about writing a resume, one that clarifies an issue that likely most people have with writing their resume; that issue is listing relevant employment history or jobs that pertain to their present employment interests, and exemplifying current/recent and perhaps irrelevant employment, and/or addressing employment gaps where some jobs are excluded for the sake of making their resume as brief as possible. The solution is to give a summary of relevant experience followed by a simple listing of current and/or previous employers with employment titles, dates, and location, no summary of job duties for each individual company. Click here to see examples in an informational packet that I recently obtained from the DOL career center I visited.

The following are examples of resumes that I created for myself utilizing this format: Click here to view my Office Professional/Business Writer resume, Click here to view my Writer resume, Click here to view my Hospitality-Event Services resume, and Click here to view my Receptionist resume.

Listing merely the job titles without a summary of job duties in the employment history section in this resume format actually and quite sufficiently summarizes most job duties.

Schools and government employers per se typically prefer fully detailed complete employment history, regardless of page length; most other employers prefer a single-page resume that emphasizes relevant work experience and accomplishments and how an applicant’s resourcefulness would specifically benefit their companies...

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