Tuesday, March 1, 2016

College/Tech School Grads Should Primarily Utilize their Collegiate/Tech School Job Boards

College and technical school graduates should primarily utilize their collegiate and technical school job boards to locate employment. Graduates should be perpetually privileged to their alumni job boards, which would exclusively include jobs requiring college and technical degrees, and which should encompass local, national, and international job prospects...

Students should also be capable of uploading and/or linking to their professional resumes/graduation portfolios or websites on their alumni job boards, and opting to make their profiles that would include these elements viewable to specified or all local, national, and/or international employment recruiters.

Colleges/universities and tech schools and their students could incorporate the additional features into their existent online job boards and/or create school/student accounts on a major website that would be designed for this purpose.

If and when what I am here prescribing is actually realized or implemented, grads should be capable of creating and/or updating their profiles on their alumni job boards and indefinitely utilizing the sites to conduct employment/career searches whenever they are in need of employment or desire to explore other employment options.

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