Saturday, November 30, 2013

Up from Minimum to Livable Wages: Company Revenues as Determinant of Employees' Earnings

Up from minimum wage, an employee's pay should be livable or as close to it as their employer's revenues would allow. For a mega wealthy establishment to pay its employees anything less when it can afford to pay livable wages or better is deplorable and exploitative not only of the employee, but of the government, when it must supplement the employee's income with public services.

Companies should be annually assessed to determine whether their employees' wages are livable or reasonable correlative to each company's earnings. Any company that is found to be reasonably capable of paying an employee livable or closer to livable wages that isn't should be required to immediately effectuate the livable or most reasonable wage considering the employer's revenues; such a company should additionally be required to reimburse the government for costs of public services that the employee may have received.  

This would fairly save the government millions of dollars while improving the quality of the lives of the average and yet indispensable working class. 

The notion that an employee's wages should align with the value that they bring to their employer is precisely the point that I'm establishing here.

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