Friday, July 22, 2016 and All Online Job Boards Should Have Messaging Centers and all online job boards should have messaging centers via which account holders can readily view responses from their Indeed and/or other employment applications and via which messages from other employment recruiters can be readily seen. All online job boards should have a feature of the sort.

Another flaw in the Indeed website is the fact that its “My Jobs” feature does not record specific dates of employment applications submitted via Indeed; it rather tells simply the number of days ago that applications were submitted, which poses challenges for those wanting to attach specific dates to those applications when following up on them.

It is feasible to search for Indeed and other application confirmations via email accounts that are connected to Indeed and/or any other job boards by typing “” and/or the name of the relevant job board or specific company in the email search box and clicking “Search Mail.” This pulls up a listing of all emailed confirmations of applications that have been submitted via Indeed and/or any other job boards.

It is a really good idea, considering the current limitations on specifically the Indeed website, to manually document the specific date of each application utilizing “add note” and/or “edit note” in the “My Jobs” feature and clicking “Save.”

You’ll likely find during the process of perusing this listing that perhaps several applications that you’ve submitted have been amicably responded to several months or years ago and you simply didn’t realize it because they were missed or lost in multitudes of emails from varied sources in your general email account...

Incorporating messaging centers into and all online job boards would curtail need to search through general email accounts like Yahoo, etc. for information regarding employment applications and/or responses to them...

The Indeed and other job board messaging centers would contain only correspondence pertaining to employment applications submitted via each relevant job board, which would make those particular messages much more likely to be seen and prevent job seekers from missing out on great opportunities.

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