Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Major Exclusively-for-Parents Job Site

There should be a major job site that is exclusively for parents with minor children, or one that job seekers with children and companies that hire them could join to search for and offer employment opportunities. Companies that join the website and those generally that offer flexible employment opportunities to parents with minor children should receive both incentives (tax credits, etc.) and notice/recognition...

The website that I have in mind would provide that recognition by listing participating companies on the site and the incentive of further compelling patronage of those companies for helping to resolve a major crisis - overt poverty - that affects millions of families in this country alone.

Companies and job seekers would be capable of creating profiles on the site where the companies would discuss their initiatives and employment seekers could discuss their unique situations, i.e. an employment seeker could discuss challenges that they have with childcare, etc., and a company could discuss its specific scheduling flexibility program and/or company child care center, work-from home-program, etc...

The site should also consist of a forum and blog that would share good news, i.e. member hires/promotions, member-received awards and/or those received by their children. Interviews of how the program has benefited working parents and the companies that hire them could also be posted.

...Participating companies would agree to offer scheduling flexibility (with consideration of school hours where relevant, etc.) and other programs, including those that would qualify them for government grants, and that would enable especially single parents to work without jeopardizing the safety of their children.

...Those programs would additionally offer incentives to non-custodial parents, especially those who pay child support. Those incentives could include scheduling flexibility and offerings of outsourced employment when the non-custodial parent exemplifies joint responsibility for childcare and/or for transporting children to childcare.

Non-custodial parents who pay child support should also be privileged to claim their children as dependents on their income tax returns, in addition to the custodial parent claiming the child on their taxes, and receive tax credit in proportion to whatever amount they pay in support.

Even if the actual returns are conservative, reducing tax liability for fathers doing the right thing would be helpful and fair. Non-custodial tax credit should be retroactive, in fact, and proper credit should be applied to any amounts that non-custodial parents owe to the Internal Revenue Service. 

A major exclusively-for-parents job site would perpetually serve to resolve issues that are sensitive to working parents and those seeking employment or better employment opportunities, and would accordingly help to reduce demand for public service programs and empower/better empower parents to become productive tax-paying citizens and patrons of consumer markets...   

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