Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Only Jobs That Require Specialized Skills Should Require Collegiate or Technical Degrees

It has become common-place for bachelors and even graduate degreed college graduates to fill positions that do not or should not require college degrees, while many jobs that reasonably require college and/or technical degrees or certification go unfilled. This is very likely a major contributor to unemployment and underemployment for both college grads and non-degreed/ non-certified individuals alike...

Jobs that should not necessarily require collegiate or technical degrees should drop the requirement, and companies should hire candidates based on exhibited skills, particularly when those companies provide training* for those specific jobs (*Companies that provide training to employment candidates should qualify for grants and tax and other incentives, especially when they offer certification programs in the line of paid job training)…  

Traditional college and technical school graduates should primarily make use of their college/technical school job boards when conducting employment/career searches; and collegiate/tech school employment placement specialists should primarily if not exclusively help college/tech school grads find jobs for which they have been educated.

This would help to regulate or create balance in employment stats amongst all workers or employment candidates in that those with degrees would not be in competition with those who lack a degree or a particular level of degree for jobs that should not necessarily require a degree at all.

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