Sunday, January 31, 2016

Compensatory Tax Credit

Today (January 31st) is typically the day by which all employers must provide W-2 forms to their employees. This has been conventional practice for many years. For an equal length of time, some workers and unemployed individuals have suffered financial harm as a result of malicious acts of others; and, historically, Uncle Sam has not addressed this, though he certainly should...

When the Internal Revenue Service notes a drastic decrease in earnings by filing and non-filing individuals, it should query the individuals for details explaining the decrease. The noted query, which would only be posed to those exhibiting significant income loss, would be included in the income tax application for filers and would be mailed to non-filers and/or those who are unemployed...

When the queried individual successfully demonstrates that the reduction in their income was a result of specifically an adverse employment action, including domestic violence and/or sexual harassment involving the employer or previous employer, the individual should be awarded income tax returns (and all retroactive amounts due), up to the full amount of previous returns prior to the malicious act(s). 

The Internal Revenue Service should, at this point, prepare and send cease and desist letters to identified culprits on behalf of the injured individuals, with strong warnings against any further reprisals, especially as it relates to the cease and desist orders, i.e.

“You have been identified as a culprit or cause of exhibited income loss to (the relevant individual). When tax payers suffer as a result of malice, those who depend upon them for support also suffer, and the government suffers where it must supplement resources to that individual and their dependents.

You are hereby on notice that you are under a federal investigation that could span the duration of your employment or being in any capacity where you can pose harm to the named individual. You are ordered to refrain from any further injurious activities to the said individual.

Failure to obey this order could result in punitive measures up to and including incarceration and indictment for interference with the said individual’s right to earn sufficient wages and the government’s right to tax those wages.

You could also be required to re-pay the Internal Revenue Service for any compensatory tax credit disbursed to the named individual should we further substantiate any claims that might have already been substantiated during lawful and clandestine investigations into claims made against you preceding this contact...

You could additionally be required to pay partial or all wages lost by the named individual due to your actions and/or agents acting on your behalf, pursuant to the doctrine of respondeat superior and all other applicable laws.”

Implementation of the prescribed would provide financial relief to victims of malice who have suffered significant income loss, where the Internal Revenue Service would serve as the chief witness of injury and the rewarder and collector of damages, without the need to necessarily resort to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, or the courts…

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