Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Activehours Should Really Unlock Workers' Accrued Work Time and Pay Instead of Offering Loans

I have always believed that employees who have put in the time should be capable of collecting their pay prior to their normal pay days where need is demonstrated. The idea that I had in mind was an application process at each individual company. It is now actually possible for workers to be paid for hours that they've worked prior to their normal pay days via an app called Activehours...

There are no fixed fees for utilizing Activehours, which means foregoing outrageous interest that would ordinarily be paid to finance traditional payday loans, and/or avoiding other fees associated with untimely payments to creditors. One can simply pay what they feel is fair.

The catch to Activehours is that instead of actually unlocking employees' pay based upon their accrued work hours, it extends loans. Activehours should be capable of actually unlocking and advancing employees' pay instead of loans, and via establishment of business relationships with companies that would allow perfected Activehours software to sync with their payroll technology.

This would be advantageous to interested companies in that all work involved in the prescribed processes would be done by Activehours software, while employers reap the benefits of more productive employees who would be empowered with the resources that they need when they need them.

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