Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Great Company Morale Made My Least Paying Job My Favorite Job Ever

I remember the excitement of getting my first job, which remains my favorite and the very best employment experience I've ever had. Despite the relatively meager pay, the excellence of company morale made it a joy getting out of bed and going in for each work day. My supervisor and manager, who both meant business, were also very professional and pleasant to be around...

My employer was the Omni Coliseum (now Philips Arena) in Atlanta...Sure, there were disagreements, and even some gossip in minor, but the overall pleasant atmosphere outweighed all else. There was no malice amongst workers or superiors, no backstabbing that I ever witnessed. Everyone worked together to achieve our common goal of satisfying customers and helping one another in any way that we could...

What if all companies did that. We'd have less incidences of unemployment and high turnover rates, fewer costs associated with replacing employees, and less people suffering in quest of the ideal employer.

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