Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Some "Reasonable Accomodation" Notices for Employment Applicants, etc. are Inappropriate

Not everyone who experiences obstacles completing online employment applications has a "disability." In some instances, there could be a flaw or technical glitch with the company's website, or the browser that an applicant is using might not be compatible with a company's website. Likely, within the vicinity of 100% of the times this is the case.

"Reasonable accommodation" notices for individuals with "disabilities" are presumptuous and insist that everyone who'd query about a systematic flaw or technical glitch in a company's website has a disability, which, of course, is not true.

"Reasonable accommodation" notices could, thus, discourage some prospects from applying to subject companies, as there are no means for individuals working with all of their mental faculties to seek assistance with flawed employment applications, which more often speak to the level or lack of competence of the companies' web developers. There could also be an issue with the computer that the applicant is using to complete an application, i.e. a virus or several, etc.

Reasonable accommodation notices could also be an indicator that the company work environment could be hostile or demeaning, where hiring managers, etc. who have learned to work around the glitches would deem or air pretense of deeming applicants who'd request clarity in doing so as intellectually inferior, though the applicant(s) could successfully navigate through and complete the application, without query, minus those errors...

All companies/their websites should inform applicants of any browser incompatibility and other issues on their websites, which should also include a comment section or query that would allow applicants to report any challenges that they encounter in the application process; and the companies should correct those issues as quickly as possible.

Working Around Glitches

In some instances it could be something as simple as the applicant leaving off a period in their initial and/or leaving off a dollar ($) sign where any salary details are requested in the application. In some instances the websites will inform the applicant, typically in colored writing, of precisely what the issue is. In other instances they won't, or they'll state an issue that is not the issue at all...

Applicants should not be discouraged from submitting applications to companies that they're interested in working for because of glitches in their websites, but should rather try using a different browser, or a different computer, i.e. at a public library.

The positive of a glitch in a company's website is that competition for posted positions on the sight is limited, and those with the tenacity to work around the glitches to submit their applications, despite encountered challenges, of course, hold the advantage over others.

In Summation/Conclusion

"Reasonable accommodation" notices should only apply to situations where an applicant would require accommodation with performing specified work duties, and assume that anyone could potentially encounter obstacles in the employment application process that are synonymous with flaws in a company's website...

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