Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why The Employment/Income of All Persons Should Concern and Acquire the Endorsement of All

The employment/income of all persons should concern especially all companies, which would not exist if there were no employed individuals working for their and companies other than their own. Simply put, the more people are working the more they’ll shop and spend. 

Discriminatory practices that have existed since and prior to the dawning of this country have not only limited opportunities for especially minorities and women of all races, they have also stagnated the potential growth of business at essentially all companies. Consumer markets are lacking revenues that unemployed and underemployed individuals would spend if they were sufficiently employed and subjected to proper treatment...

The Civil Rights Movement helped us to see this to a significant extent via its persuasion of legislation that barred discriminatory hiring and employment practices and by addressing the disparate treatment of especially African Americans as human citizens, consumers, and tax payers, etc.

Businesses saw the power of the minority dollar, when juxtaposing their revenues prior to, during, and after boycotts that called for especially African Americans, as those most affected by racial discrimination, to stop spending money with companies that discriminated against them.

Racism and other forms of discrimination have not been completely eliminated, however. Though conditions have certainly improved for African Americans and other minorities (women included), in some respects, things are just as worse as they were prior to the Civil Rights Movement and even the Civil War, and this is yet as injurious to all businesses as it is to subjects of discrimination.

Not all incidences of unemployment and underemployment are discriminatory in nature, of course, but all companies can benefit from endorsing the employment and/or advancement of all individuals who are capable of working; and they should do so because it’s the noble thing to do, and doing so would increase revenues for all businesses and/or provide other benefits like decreased inflation, taxes, etc. once more people are earning, spending, and paying income taxes...

An excellent program of sort is the Walmart Going Places Network, which not only helps job seekers gain employment with Walmart, it assists any participating job candidates with acquiring employment anywhere that they desire, which is great for both parties either way. 

Though I myself am not particularly interested in employment with Walmart, they are one of my very favorite places to shop, so when I’m employed in a position of interest to me, Walmart will acquire a significant sum of my earnings, and I’m certain that Walmart has acquired a greater customer base as a result of its Going Places Network program.  

Consumer Research on Shopping Habits of Job Seekers to Influence Company Endorsements

Some companies might elect to be selfish here and endorse job candidates who are regular shoppers at their places of business. An ideal method of acquiring/retaining consumer spending habits is via personalized and interactive digital receipts.

In Summation

All companies especially should endorse the employment and advancement of/ income for all people because the more sufficiently employed people are or the more income they have the more they'll spend, and when the needs of people are are met, furthermore, the more we'll all enjoy peace and public tranquility. 

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