Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why it Should Be Unlawful to Fire Women Because They are Unwed Mothers

No law should be enacted that would enable employers to fire or not hire women because they are unwed mothers, who comprise a significant sect of the work force, and who have as much right as anyone else to work and provide for themselves and their children.

Not only would enabling employers to fire women simply because they are unwed mothers remove a vast sect of the workforce, it would subject more women and children to extreme poverty, homelessness, and other harm, from human trafficking to early morbidity, which simply should not be permitted in a civilized society.

It would further create economic crises for local and national governments that would be compelled to provide for the single women and children who'd be affected by this law, should it prevail. Governments and businesses would additionally feel the pinch of revenue loss in consumer markets where this sect of working women might be forced out of job markets and suddenly have little to no spending power.

The notion of lawfully equipping companies to fire single mothers on moral precepts is archaic and hypocritical; and the Bible wavers who contrived and are endorsing this travesty have, apparently, not considered that the same Bible describes the Creator as a protector of single women and children, and anyone who represents Him in any role of public leadership should be the same...

If, for whatever reasons, however, employers would be enabled to fire or not hire unwed mothers, they should be required to disclose this during pre-employment/application processes to spare unwed mothers the trouble of submitting applications to companies that would not hire them, and to avail them the privilege of not spending or doing business with companies that do not hire single mothers...

No one really wants to be a single parent. Parenthood is challenging enough for married couples. Relationships don't always work out, however; and when they don't, the mothers typically become the chief providers for their families, even if the fathers are providing support...

It would be most intelligible to eliminate barriers for working parents or those seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce, i.e. providing tax and/or other incentives to companies that provide scheduling flexibility for workers with minor school-age children whose school hours might not jibe with traditional work hours, etc.

When Jesus Christ, the soon returning Savior of the world, was conceived, His mother, Mary, was an unwed woman, though she eventually married. The Creator was making a very impactful statement here regarding His esteem of single women and children conceived and born to them, and that statement is that all are His children, and should be treated as such.

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