Saturday, July 4, 2015

Implementing Work Trials to Acquire Best Hires

Many companies have likely declined opportunities to applicants who would have been the best hires for the jobs that they were seeking. The chosen ones managed, perhaps, to pen or present the most impressive resumes and/or put their best feet forward during the interviews, or were more attractive by other recruitment criteria. The best candidate for the job in theory is not always the best in practice, however...

A nifty way for human resource managers to determine and select the best candidate for a position is to implement work trials that might involve one or several potential candidates working simultaneously or in succession, and performing some or all of the relevant job duties associated with the position they’re applying for.

Employment trials could last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or a few days, or even months, at the employer’s discretion, and could either be paid or a non-paid component of the interview/training process.

The very best performing applicants would win the jobs, of course, while others gain valuable knowledge during these brief ventures, including feedback from host companies, and impressive experience to carry forward. 

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