Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to Make Job Fairs Worth the Effort!

I'm in attendance at the Joblinc Career Fair at the Memphis Public Library on Poplar Avenue, and have been since leaving the Tennessee DOL Workforce Development Career Center on Walnut Grove early this morning. It is one of several typical job fairs that I've attended...

How many have you attended, under the impression that participating companies would be hiring on the spot? You dress up, and stand in long lines with print-outs of your resume, only to be distributed information regarding the companys' online application processes, information that you could have acquired from visiting those websites in the first...

So maybe the hosts of those job fairs provided the benefit of informing you that attending companies are actively hiring, and, certainly, getting out and interacting with company representatives and other leads can be impactful.

The reason, nonetheless, that traditional job fairs are essentially a waste of time and resources is due to the typical arrangement of events, which, for the most part, makes it no more practical for employers to determine who's the better candidate for their openings.

To resolve this, company representatives should be prepared to and actually conduct interviews during the events, which might consist of sample work assignments, where practical, sessions that could be video-recorded for further perusal by hiring managers.

This would require some company delegates to be assigned to private/quiet meeting rooms where those interviews and work assignments would be conducted, while others are posted at company booths...

This would help recruiters to best decide from among multiple attending applicants and/or interviewees (who they'd see and more meaningfully interact with) who'd be called in for additional rounds of interviews and ultimate hire.

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