Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Resumes of Today and the Future

I was introduced/invited to join by one of my LinkedIn connections. is a platform that subscribers can develop into a personal website that is instantaneously populated with information from their Linkedin profiles (If you do not have a Linkedin profile you can sign up with your email address). It can serve as a traditional website and/or a web-based resume for prospective employer perusal...

One is capable of editing, adding, and/or deleting certain information from their personal websites as deemed fit. One can also add and/or build links to other websites or blogs that they may have in the bio and/or other sections of their personal site. Links to social media sites can be added by clicking on the relevant icons on the contact page, and inserting and saving the links...

Basic sign-up for is free, and Pro is $7.00 per month. You’ll instantaneously receive 3 months of Pro for inviting all of your Linkedin connections to join (Don’t invite yourself, however, lest your account is disabled). Subscribers are privileged to a 20% discount for paying annually rather than monthly.

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I was introduced to Workfolio by another Linkedin connection. Workfolio is another online resume platform. This site comes with a blog incorporated into it, a blog that would ideally be utilized to discuss matters of relevance to the owner’s work history and/or to exemplify one’s professional writing skills and/or competency in a particular career interest…

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