Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Workers Should Be Compelled to Join Labor Unions

Responsive to: If This Case Heads to the Supreme Court, Unions Could Be Over

Though collective bargaining may have improved some working conditions for some teachers, I happen to agree with the plaintiffs in this case. No one should be compelled to pay union dues, especially if they do not support union ideals.

I'm so glad that I do not live in California, which is not a right-to-work state, though really all states should be...

I'm wondering if both unions and charter school officials, to some extent, are involved in creating problems in public schools (bullying/railroading teachers and students) for the purpose of validating their existence, which, of course, constitutes racketeering (creating problems to solve), only in such instances the problems they create are rarely solved.

The best way to address the issue of teacher performance is for school boards to not only mandate required skills that students must learn in each grade, but to issue to teachers and students, accordingly, the specific assignments and teaching methods that have yielded the very best results...

I happen to believe in school choice, however, because of horrible experiences that my own children have had in schools they attend(ed), unlike my own experiences as a child in the same school district.

School choice puts pressure on traditional public schools to improve conditions that raise concerns for parents who opt to place their children in other schools where they would not suffer academic, emotional, and/or even physical harm...

It is the Department of Labor that should tackle issues that labor unions tackle, and for no more than the cost of paid income taxes, which might have to be conservatively raised (a few cents for all workers) to wholly fund truly effective interventions that could require the hiring and training of additional staff, including, perhaps, some former labor union representatives (Labor unions were formed during a period of time when our government was less sensible than it is or should be today).

Traditional labor unions could continue to exist as an option for those who would prefer this manner of representation and who'd be willing, not forced, to pay for it.

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