Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Department of Labor and/or Other Employment Agency Flex Employment Offices

The Department of Labor and/or other employment agencies should effectuate flex employment offices that would specialize in connecting clients with outsourced or legitimate work at home and other flexible employment opportunities. This would eliminate employment barriers for a significant sect of the populace, alleviate demand on public services, and do wonders for the economy...

Upon completion of the online application process for the proposed, applicants indicating desire for the assistance of a flex employment agent would be directed to schedule an appointment at their nearest flex employment office.

The flex employment agent would assist the client in selection of an opportunity or opportunities that would best align with their experience, resources, and flexible scheduling needs. Flex agents would also assist clients with at home equipment set up, training, and grant and/or loan applications for home office equipment and supplies.

The proposed would particularly benefit and priority should be given to parents with school-age children and students seeking employment or those desiring to enroll or return to school and would need to schedule work around their class hours or vice versa. It would also benefit individuals who experience challenges acquiring or sustaining employment due to unfair employment blacklisting or retaliation for participation in protected conduct...

Opportunities for High Profile Individuals in Need of Employment 

DOL implementation of a flex employment office would also benefit high profile individuals/celebrities who are in need of employment and would not desire the fanfare amongst clients and/or co-workers in a traditional job setting, or considering that traditional employers might not desire to hire high profile individuals due to the potential for fanfare or creating distraction/disturbance amongst employees, customers, etc., noting that DOL should in fact be the go-to place for all persons in need of employment...

DOL flex employment offices should consist of delegates with sufficient credentials and skills, who'd train and assist famed-name individuals and others in utilizing the internet to generate income from their names and/or by other methods. 

Home Office Grants and Loans

Home office grants and loans would be available to applicants to establish home offices. The grants and loans would cover everything from computers, desks & chairs, printers, telephones (line splitting), software, et cetera to down payments on homes that would become the home offices.

Automatic Payroll Deduction Agreements & Transactions

All clients who request and are approved for home office loans would agree to automatic payroll deductions in reasonable installments that would be remitted to lenders until the loans are completely repaid.

The Department of Labor and/or relevant employment agencies would also automatically deduct reasonable service fees from clients’ pay until owed amounts are satisfied.

In Summation

An initiative of this sort would see major returns on investments. It would generate billions of dollars in revenues between lenders and applicants, in computer and other home office equipment sales, etc., and by availing sufficient employment and/or business opportunities to a vast sect of our society who would not otherwise be privileged to it.

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