Friday, June 20, 2014

DOL Simulated Reference Checks & Interviews

Department of Labor (DOL) simulated reference checks and interviews would be designed to determine what former and/or current employers of active job seekers are saying about them, and what, if any, pitfalls job seekers are making during employment interviews. 

The simulations would occur in succinct departments or DOL offices that would utilize professional/undetectable and lawful telephonic spoofing technology to make it appear that simulators are calling from the actual companies with which they would identify. And companies to which applicants apply might be randomly asked to allow a simulator to fill in or sit in on and optionally record a client’s interview for DOL review.

Simulators would ask routine questions that HR managers ask during employment verification processes, and improper questions that should never be answered by queried HR professionals, all of whom should be knowledgeable of the dos and don’ts of verifying employment. Simulators would also ask routine questions during client employment interviews.

DOL would additionally have the power to subpoena employment files of previous and current employers of clients requesting the service and/or who express concerns with what might be in their employment files. DOL reps would also make recommendations or refer clients to intervention to resolve any specific issues on the client’s part that might be an employment barrier...

DOL would have the legal authority to fine companies found guilty of providing information to prospective employers of clients that transgress established laws of what information previous or current employers may and may not relay to prospective employers of job candidates...

DOL would be capable furthermore of recovering damages for clients, without necessarily involving the courts, and of charging/retaining fees for providing these services. An initiative of the sort would save the government millions of dollars that it synonymously pays in unemployment and other public benefits. 

The mere knowledge of the fact that at any given moment a company personnel manager could be receiving a call from an incognito DOL representative would significantly curtail if not wholly eliminate the practice of employment blacklisting, and provide relief to thousands if not millions of victims.

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