About This Site

This site is an extension of the Yolanda Michelle Martin Education & Social Reform blog at yolandamichellemartin.wordpress.com It is designed to magnify and address or propose solutions to common workplace issues, to improve employer/employee relations, to promote company morale from business to business, nationally, and globally, and to extend a platform or voice to the working class, and others synonymously...

This site is further designed to reduce episodes of unemployment and underemployment that has resulted in crisis for millions around the world, adversely affecting the national and global economy, as with excessive reliance of both the non-working and the working upon public programs, by addressing employment barriers.

It is designed to preserve health and lives, as with elimination of unhealthy working conditions (including workplace bullying and harassment, etc.), elimination of retaliation and/or blacklisting for employee participation in protected conduct, episodes of homelessness and loss of property, and other victimization, from violence to other forms of crimes, and synonymous stress.

The more people are gainfully employed and retained in the workforce the more business/consumer markets/economies and social tranquility would flourish.

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