Tuesday, March 1, 2016

College Job Boards Should Be National and International in Scope to Optimize Employment Prospects

All (online) college job boards should be local, national, and international in scope, considering that many grads return to their home cities/states or countries once graduating, have interests in relocating to other cities/states or countries, or they could find or be readily searchable for perhaps compelling offers by employment recruiters in other cities/states or countries...

National and international localities that would be added to collegiate/tech school job boards would be based on the home cities/states and countries of their graduated students, and cities/states and countries of interest identified by graduates and seniors enrolled in their final term of studies. 

This would optimize prospects for alumni employment within their areas of interest/degree. Syncing collegiate job boards with a national/international employment exchange and/or websites for agencies that provide housing and other human resources would facilitate alumni relocation and life fulfillment.

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