Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Private War Against Workers and Job Searchers Based Upon Irrelevant Physical Attributes is Unintelligible

Imagine that a highly qualified worker and/or employment candidate is denied employment, or is daily tormented, and/or is driven from the work force, or worse, for simply being overweight or for other physical attributes that in no way contravene a company's dress code or grooming policy.

However absurd it sounds, it’s a reality for many workers, and, though in some cases the workers’ weight gain in the first is synonymous with workplace harassment, or the release of cortisol in the human body in response to stressful situations. 

Some companies only hire employment candidates who are in shape and/or who satisfy other standards for appearance. For example, a woman who is overweight and mulatto or multi-racial can more readily acquire employment than a dark-skinned obese woman at certain if not most companies, even when the latter is demonstrably more qualified for the job...

I recently came across this image on a website for a notable car rental company. To show its commitment to “diversity,” this company’s website exhibits a photograph of an obese mulatto woman sitting at the company's service desk while a darker obese woman is apparently a customer... I thought, wow. This company is definitely making a statement that anyone with eyes can see.

The Male Double Standard

It is not uncommon for the overweight male boss to torment especially female workers who are overweight, or for men generally to require that women, specifically potential mates or spouses, be fit, even if those particular men are themselves significantly overweight—fit Betty and Wilma to Obese Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble—and despite the obvious double standard, no offense to decent overweight men, but to make a point…

One of the reasons why women are more susceptible to employment abuse regarding weight is in fact sexual in nature, particularly if the woman has a solid work ethic and/or she is exceptionally intelligent, or a great catch or a potential Dutch or sole income provider for some loser who could be sizing her up. I say loser because any man of integrity does not abuse women or others generally...

Unemployed or Underemployed Individuals Typically Gain Weight

Some abusive companies and, in some instances, schematic politicians involved in the battle of the bulge believe that the use of torture is or should be an effective sort of negative reinforcement that would help employees and/or employment candidates who are overweight to lose weight if they want to acquire employment and/or keep their jobs.

The truth, however, is that unemployed or underemployed individuals, especially those who are serially harassed, typically gain weight, not the other way around.

How to Appropriately Tackle Obesity in the Workforce

Not to minimize the importance of health and fitness, which is certainly important, I’m simply saying that there is an appropriate way to do anything. Driving qualified individuals from the work force for any reason is not only unintelligent and barbaric, it costs the government millions of dollars each year.

Juxtapose the considerable funding that it spends for public assistance to nurse wounded workers and job searchers, the government is further deprived of income taxes that it would acquire from these individuals if they were gainfully employed.

Instead of torturing employees who are overweight, companies should implement weight improvement initiatives that could involve conservatively extending employee meal periods to allow for exercise and/or providing other incentives for employees who demonstrably acquire sufficient exercise each day or week. Some companies have and others should designate exercise rooms and equipment for their employees to utilize during breaks…

Unfortunately, in the United States -unlike Australia- physical attributes like weight or genetic* physical characteristics other than race or color are not specifically protected by law, or they have no Title VII protection (*Title II of the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act of 2008 is purported to shield employees and applicants from disparate treatment based on familial diseases or disorders...

What would happen, however, if all of the individuals in the class of those who would be discriminated against at any company, whether for protected or non-protected attributes, decided not to do business with those companies? The answer is that those companies would lose a lot of business.

When companies realize or when they truly appreciate that they exist or attain any level of success because of a diverse base of consumers they'll treat all human beings, including their own workers and employment prospects, with equal dignity and respect.

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