Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sign Up to Become a Public Speaker

Are you someone who has something constructive and impactful to say and you’ve had an interest in speaking as a profession? Or are you someone who is already a professional speaker and want to gain better exposure? Try signing up with a speaker’s bureau or several that specialize in matching speakers with speaking opportunities.

Public speaking allows an audience to hear or really grasp vital information that they might miss in a blog post or a book, and additionally captures audiences who have not read the speaker/writer or blogger at all, given that the speaker is a writer or blogger. Public speaking also improves business prospects.

Great Pay

Public speaking is a high-paying and lucrative industry. Speakers can charge anywhere from naught or the cost of travel (if they are new and/or want to acquire a bit of experience and better exposure or establish rapport in the industry) up to several hundreds or thousands of dollars or several hundred thousand dollars per speech, if they are celebrities or politicians or former politicians...

There are many speakers' bureaus. I’ve listed a few here…

Simply perform a Google search to locate additional speakers’ bureaus.

Build a Website/Blog and/or Connect Your Website/Blog to Your Speaker Profile 

Once you have selected a speakers' bureau or several to join, connecting your website and/or blog to your speaker profile page on the bureau’s website is a great way to let potential clients see your area of expertise. This will increase your chances of landing speaking invites to further elaborate on your ideas and/or to address other similar topics.

Polish your content to demonstrate that you are an articulate speaker and problem solver who has something to offer to prospective clients.

Record Your Speeches, Upload Them to Your YouTube and/or iTunes Account, and Monetize

Recording or video-recording your speeches or excerpts from them, uploading them to your i-Tunes or YouTube account, and applying for/utilizing programs like Google Adsense is a great way to build additional income from your speaking. This will also allow potential clients to see you in action.

Professional Speaking Certification Programs

Though it is not necessary, acquiring professional certification further demonstrates to potential clients that you’re really serious about speaking, and that you are equipped with the necessary skills to be a successful speaker.

In Summation & Conclusion

Speakers' bureaus connect the right voices or speakers of varied genres to the ideal platforms upon demand and privilege speakers to exposure and paid speaking opportunities that they might not find otherwise.  

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