Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Part-Time, On-Call, Temporary, and All Employees Should be Evaluated

All employees, including those who are part-time and on-call, should be evaluated by their employers. Part-time workers are not typically evaluated in employee appraisal processes, but it is very important that they are.

If a part-time or temporary employee works at multiple locations, each location should complete and submit a survey or summary of the employee's performance with payroll; and during annual review periods the agency or employer would discuss any expressed concerns with the employee, and allow the employee to offer comments before signing their performance appraisals.

All employees should be rendered feedback on their work performance as a method of reinforcing employer expectations, and availing employees the merited privilege of knowing what they’re doing right, what they can improve upon, and what their supervisors are communicating to management and/or personnel about their work performance, and what personnel is communicating to those, including prospective employers, outside of the company...

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